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SL100 Slim Voice Activated Recorder Pen

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  • MQ77N Writes Like A Real Pen
  • Compact Design Of The MQ77N Voice Activated Recording Pen
  • Voice Activated Recording Pen Pin Hole Microphone
  • MQ77N Super Slim Design
  • Real Pen Tip
  • MQ77N Looks Like A Real Pen
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  • MQ77N Recording Pen Plugged Into Speakers
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Product Description

  • Slimmest & Most Realistic Pen
  • Voice Activation & Continuous
  • 12hr Battery, 140hr Record time
  • Headphone Jack & Remote

Slimmest & Most Discreet Recording Pen on The Market

NOTE: Pen cap mention in video above is an optional accessory.

Introducing the newest version of our popular SL100 voice activated recording pen. This is the slimmest and most discreet voice recorder pen on the market.

The SL100 recording pen writes with real ink and fits very comfortably in your hand making it great for meetings, lectures, and memos. The recording function is super easy to operate; simply slide the pen clip down to start recording and slide back up to stop. There are no buttons, confusing lights, or sounds associated with operation.

With the voice activation feature turned on you can set the pen to record only when there is audio present (the recording is paused during times of silence). You can listen to your recordings from the pen by plugging headphones or speakers directly into the top of the pen or download recorded files to any MAC or Windows computer. 

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Key Features

No Buttons or Confusing Lights
This flash drive has a very sleek and professional design. Not chunky or cluttered with buttons and lights.

Super Slim
Extra slim and small design. This is the slimmest, most discreet pen on the market.

Headphone/Speaker Jack
Listen to recordings with headphones or speakers. The remote control enables you to start/stop/pause/FF/REW.

Voice Activated or Continuous Recording Mode
In Voice Activation Mode the device records when sound is detected and pause when no sound is detected.

12 Hour Battery - AMAZING!
The longest battery life out of all the pens we sell. Just plug it in to any USB port to charge the built-in battery.

1GB Memory
You can also use this as a USB storage device. In addition to your audio recordings, you can store any files you would like.

Slide Pen Clip to Start/Stop
No confusing buttons. Simply slide the pen clip down to start recording and slide up to stop.

Three Quality Settings
Record in extra high quality, high quality, or long play modes. We personally recommend using extra high quality mode.

Automatic Sensitivity Control
The microphone sensitivity will automatically adjust based on how loud or far away the sound source is.

MAC & Windows
Works on any MAC or Windows computer. Just plug it in and it functions as a USB storage device.


What's in the box?

- 1 SL100 Pen (Silver Clip)
- 1 Wired Remote Control
- 1 USB Charging/Data Transfer Cable
- 1 Earbud
- 1 Instruction Booklet

Our Gaurantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
At PenRecorderPro, we aim to provide high quality, professional grade devices. Our products are among the best on the market; we stand behind them 100%. In order to give our customers the highest level of service, each product is backed the following (learn more):

✔ 1 Year Warranty
✔ 30 Return Policy
✔ Live Customer Support

Detailed Specs

Audio Quality:
XHQ 128 kbps, HQ 32 kbps, LP 16 kbps

Audio Format:

Recording Modes:
Continuous / Voice Activation

Time/Date Stamp:

Memory Size:

Recording Capacity:
XHQ: 35, hrs HQ: 70hrs, LP: 140

Battery Life (record:
12hrs (Continuous)

Battery Life (playback):
8 hrs

Headphone Jack:

Built-in Speaker:

Microphone Input:

Weight / Dimensions:
18g / 11.18 mm(D) x 133.35 mm(L)

MAC / Windows

Product Reviews WRITE A REVIEW

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  1. 4 Star Review

    Good voice recorder and hardware playback

    This pen has good voice recording and playback when you use the hardware interface. The only complication may be plugging the pen via USB to a Windows computer. While the manual indicates the pen should be identified as a specific type of device, when I plugged in the pen I got the "usb device not recognized" message. After contacting support, they let me know that they do not have any type of windows driver for the pen. If you have no intention of plugging in the pen to a computer then it should work fine.

    Posted by on 10th May 2017

  2. 5 Star Review

    As advertised!

    I have the Slim SL100. Easy to use, works as advertised, and super sensitive to sound. Great product and well worth the money. The directions in the box were somewhat dated but the website had the latest version. I recommend to company also sell a similar looking pen that's not a recorder that could be substituted in sometimes (just an idea).

    Posted by on 17th Jan 2016

  3. 5 Star Review

    Can live without my man but not without my pen

    Such an easy to use device, take anywhere and no one would know, handy for taking notes, and remembering things !

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2015

  4. 5 Star Review

    great device

    Does everything I needed. Recording is clear and very easy to transfer to my computer. ..

    Posted by on 20th Aug 2015

  5. 5 Star Review

    MQ-77N Digital Voice Recorder & Pen

    This is the best recording pen! It will record high quality audio for 12 hours with power to spare! It is comparable in size and shape to an ordinary pen. You can play back and manage files without a computer! It will store up to 140 hours of audio in up to 99 files. That's not all! It has volume control! Hook it up to a portable speaker and you can play back audio for up to 8 hours! It will blast audio volume to the capacity of the speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2015

  6. 5 Star Review


    Works as stated love it.

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2015

  7. 5 Star Review

    Awesome product!

    A true life saver when you need the facts. This will pick up even the smallest sigh. This has been invaluable to me. I have purchased a total of 3 pens! I'm a happy return customer!!

    Posted by on 4th Jun 2015

  8. 5 Star Review

    A must, to protect yourself these days.

    It worked great, clear with little background noise.
    I could not believe how well it worked. Even in my pocket.

    Posted by on 2nd May 2015

  9. 5 Star Review


    It worked really well and is a perfect recording device

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2015

  10. 4 Star Review

    Great, BUT . . .


    1. Unbelievable quality & sensitivity for recording.
    2. Great battery life & storage capacity.
    3. Nice-looking pen; a bit thicker than the average pen but not so much as to arise suspicion.
    4. Easy to download files to a PC.
    5. Good customer service.


    1. No internal time clock ==> NO time stamping of recording files. Best to download your recordings often so you can date them.
    2. BIGGEST FLAW: A major design anomaly from an otherwise well-designed pen - the chintzy PLASTIC clip that is used to both secure the pen in your pocket AND turn the recording function ON/OFF. It is so cheaply made, it falls out of my pocket each time I bend over. Also, it actually broke on my first pen (the older MQ-77), so I had nothing to hold it in my pocket. Ended up dropping (and losing) it somewhere - a very costly loss. Even an inexpensive $7 Parker ball point pen has a matching stainless steel clip that has spring tension. Why a pen that cost nearly $200 can't design a better clip is beyond me. I'd check this feature before ever buying another one.
    3. The lack of the optional cap makes the pen suspect as a spy pen. For the price, two or three should be included & should NOT cost $3.95 each. If you plan to record without being noticed, GET the cap!

    SUMMARY: GREAT for recordings! Swallow hard to accept the design/marketing chintziness.

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2015

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