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FD20 USB Drive Voice Recorder (Continuous)

  • FD20 Flash Drive Voice Recorder
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  • Flash Drive Voice Recorder in Hand
  • Keychain Ring on FD20 Flash Drive Voice Recorder
  • FD20 Voice Recorder Functions Like A Real Flash Drive
  • Side View of the FD20 Flash Drive Voice Recorder
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Product Description

  • 20hr Battery, Continuous Record
  • Records While Plugged In
  • HD Quality Audio
  • 4GB/8GB Memory, 45hr/90hr Audio

20hr Battery. Records While Plugged In. CD Quality Audio.

The FD20 flash drive voice recorder is our professional model that comes in a sleek black color. The battery can last for an incredible 20 Hours of continuous recording (in our actual tests, we have gotten over 20 hours)! Also, the flash drive can record while plugged in a USB port, this provides power to the unit so there is no need to worry about running out of battery life.

We offer this unit in a 4GB or 8GB memory option. Even though it might look similar to others out on the market, it is different in function and quality. Please see a quick comparison below:

Comparison Table for the FD20 USB Recording Device

Feature Pro Model Typically Found
Battery Life 20 Hour 4 Hour
USB Powered Records While Plugged In Won't Record While Plugged In
Audio Bitrate 192kbps (CD Quality) 32kbps
Design Black Silver
Markings No Marking "ON/OFF" Above Power Switch

 This recorder features easy one touch operation, simply slide the small switch on the side to start/stop recording. No software or cables to bother with either, simply plug this into any MAC or PC and transfer the audio files onto your computer. You can also use this to store any type of file you want!

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Key Features

CD Quality 128KBPS Recording
Files are recorded in WAV format and can be played back in most audio programs. Audio is encoded at 192KBPS.

20 Hour Battery(YES, 20 HOURS!)
Incredibly long lasting battery! Record continuously for 20 hours on just a single charge.

No Buttons or Confusing Lights
This flash drive has a very sleek and professional design. Not chunky or cluttered with buttons and lights.

45hr or 90hr Audio Capacity(depending on memory size)
No need to worry about running out of space, this recorder can hold days of audio!

Records While Plugged In
Records while plugged in a USB port, this provides power to the unit so there is no need to worry about running out of battery.

4GB or 8GB Memory
You can also use this as a USB storage device. In addition to your audio recordings, you can store any files you would like.

One-Touch Operation
No confusing buttons. Simply slide the switch on the side to start and stop recording.

MAC & Windows
Works on any MAC or Windows computer. Just plug it in and it functions as a USB storage device.


What's in the box?

- 1 - FD20 Voice Recorder
- 1 - Keychain Ring
- 1 - Instruction Manual

Our Gaurantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
At PenRecorderPro, we aim to provide high quality, professional grade devices. Our products are among the best on the market; we stand behind them 100%. In order to give our customers the highest level of service, each product is backed the following (learn more):

✔ 1 Year Warranty
✔ 30 Return Policy
✔ Live Customer Support

Detailed Specs

Audio Quality:
192 kbps

Audio Format:

Recording Modes:

Time/Date Stamp:

Memory Size:
4GB / 8GB

Recording Capacity:
45hrs 4GB or 90hrs (8GB)

Battery Life (record):
20hrs (Continuous)

Battery Life (playback):

Headphone Jack:

Built-in Speaker:

Microphone Input:

Weight / Dimensions:
14g, 65mm (L)/ 21.1mm (W)

MAC / Windows

Product Reviews WRITE A REVIEW

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  1. 5 Star Review

    Exactly as the specs and prompt shipment

    The product is exactly as the specs and fast shipment. Perfect.

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2017

  2. 5 Star Review

    Very sensitive microphone, long lasting battery.

    I have tried both this device (FD20) and it's voice activated counterpart (FD30).

    I like this device MUCH more and am consistently getting 16 - 22 hours of battery life from it with frequent use.

    The reason I recommend this device over the FD30 is I have found that the FD30 will frequently cut off and frequently restart in a conversation if there is not enough background noise to keep it activated. So I decided to use the Continuous record and am glad that I did. Conversations are frequently choppy with that device. With this device, I can turn it on, let it run for 20 hours, and then listen to the audio.

    Since the audio is continuous, I can easily determine the time of day in the playback by simply writing down the time when it was activate, something that you can't do with the FD30.

    Audio quality is great, and the microphone can pick up sounds easily from across the room, or when buried in purse of clothing.

    Instruction manual is not very good. I wish it would indicate when it is fully charged also versus leaving it up the user to guess.

    Other then those two minor issues, good product.

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2015

  3. 5 Star Review

    FD20-8, works as advertised

    Clear, strong sound recording, even in a large room; simple and easy to use; excellent design; when in view, does not attract attention and is not recognizeable as a recording device.

    A friend who is a teacher bought one at my recommendation and uses it in her classroom. She lays the recorder on her desk and lets it record for an entire school day! She catches encounters with students that she can play back with parents to demonstrate a student's behavior and academic performance, as well as how she handles issues with a student. She has the recordings in case anyone ever questions her performance, lesson content, or classroom management. She also monitors the activities of her assistant when she is absent from the room.

    I bought it specifically to record private meetings with city officials as I work to end a destructive city program. The playback helps me fine tune my message and delivery, learn what parts of my message were most effective, note how officials responded and what questions they asked, eliminates recall errors, and reminds me to address topics in the future that I might have missed or forgotten had I depended on memory.

    I have two negatives, although they are not about the function, appearance,operation, or capabilities of the unit.

    1. the poorly written instruction manual. It is obviously written by someone for whom English is a second language. The confused grammatical structure, misuse of prepositions, and lack of verbs makes the instructions difficult to understand. I recommend the seller translate the instructions and post them on the website.

    2. There is a statement in the instruction manual about changing a function in the control panel, but there is not a control panel, nor is there access through the win system control panel.

    Posted by on 2nd Jan 2015

  4. 3 Star Review

    Instructions not in good enough english ,FD20 device

    Not bad,but takes a lot of guessing how to work it. I'm glad that the person writing the instructions wasn't the same person who made it.And the Q&A on the site is horrible.Makes no sense. Jersey Jack

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2014

  5. 5 Star Review

    performs as advertised

    Though I am no expert in audio, this device reproduces sound very clearly. Nice job you guys on my FD20-8.

    Posted by on 29th Mar 2014

  6. 4 Star Review

    using the FD-20 to record second system sound for video

    We use two of these recorders as 'wearable' mics for recording sound on location. We use Elasoplast to attach a recorder inside a presenter's T-shirt, where they are invisible. The elastoplast mount means there is zero handling noise from clothing; and these mics mean that a presenter is 100% free to move, jump, roll, etc., all while talking the attendees of such workshops through what they are teaching.

    These USB-stick size mics have let us make programs that simply cannot be made otherwise.

    The file type means that any Mac or PC can use the files immediately, and I like the way the files are organised in the recorder too.

    There is enough battery for a whole day's recording.

    We are experimenting with mic placement on our presenters' bodies too, and may report back with more info in a second post.

    To the person that said these are expensive—on what basis? The mics that these wearable mics replace are ~$1,500 each (Shure lavalieres, receivers and transmitters) and those kind of setups are extremely restrictive compared to the FD-20s.

    I look forward to future developments.

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2014

  7. 5 Star Review

    Great Product

    I was very impressed with how clearly this usb recorder picked up sounds. I like that there are no markings on the recorder and no blinking light once it is turned on. I'd recommend this for anyone who would like to have an auditory record of anything to be played at a later date. It's also very easy to take the recording and put it on the computer. It can also be used as a regular jump drive as well.

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2013

  8. 3 Star Review


    Price seems too high. Also the sound in the recorder heard when clicking the off button is really annoying. Couldn't you program t to ignore that clicking sound.

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

  9. 5 Star Review

    Audio quality is very good

    This little device clearly captures voice from at least 20 feet away. It's easy to use, too.

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2013

  10. 5 Star Review

    So far so good. Seems to be GREAT!!!!

    The audio is great and it is very simple to use.
    I can't believe that a unit so small is so great.
    I will be using it as a recording machine for letters and journals. Thank you

    Posted by on 15th Jun 2013

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