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Multimedia Lecture Recording Pen PCM007

  • The PCM007 Voice Recording Pen
  • PCM007 Looks Like A Real Pen
  • Compact Design Of The PCM007 Voice Recording Pen
  • Voice Recording Pen with Real Ink
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  • PCM007 Voice Recording Pen Pluged into Speakers
  • PCM007 Looks Like A Real Pen
  • Compact Design Of The PCM007 Voice Recording Pen
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Product Description

  • Powerful Mic, Broadcast Quality
  • Built-in Speaker, LCD Screen
  • Noise Filter, Microphone Input
  • Too Many Features To List!

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Instruction Manual

High Powered Microphone. Built-in Speaker. Mutlimedia Rich Features. Broadcast Quality. 

All of our pens can be used for recording lectures or meetings. However this pen is designed with a higher powered microphone which will pick-up sounds better from futher away.

Why is this the Ultimate Lecture Pen?

Microphone Sensitivity & Audio Quality
With the most powerful microphone out of our pens, this pen is sure to pick-up lectures and meetings more clearly (especially for soft or further away sounds). Also, this pen is capable of recording in CD quality! Set the microphone sensitivity on "high" and turn on the low-cut filter for optimum lecture recording.

No Lights While Recording
While recording the LCD screen on the side of the pen turns off (turns off in as little as 3 seconds) and there are no lights that will be on or flashing while recording.

MAC & PC Compatible + MP3
No cables or software to bother with, it turns into a USB drive that you can plug it into any computer to charge or transfer files from the pen. Files are recorded in MP3 format and can be played in iTunes, Windows Media Player or on an iPod. All you MAC users will love this pen!

Easy One-Touch Recording
Push the button on the pen clip to start recording, then hit the button again to stop recording.

Key Features

  High Powered Microphone + High/Low Setting
With crystal clear CD broadcast quality recording and the highest powered microphone (out of our pen models) you can record meetings/lectures confidently.
  CD Broadcast Quality Recording
Record in the pure uncompressed PCM audio format or record in MP3 format, either way you will get crystal clear high quality audio.
  Low-Cut - Noise Filter
Turn on the low cut filter setting and block out background noise such as a fan running and other pops or clicks! For lectures turn microphone on high & turn on low-cut filter.<
  Voice Activation
Whatever the situation might be, you can turn on the voice activation and this pen starts/stops recording whenever there is any audio, eliminate periods empty pauses in recordings!
  Microphone Input + Headphone Jack
You can plug in any external microphone for even more recording options. Also you can plug any headphones or speakers in to playback your recordings.
  Built-in Li-Ion Battery
Easily Charge this pen through any USB port. The built-in battery charges in 2-3 hours and can last between 7-8 hours of recording.
  2GB or 4GB Memory
The 2GB version of this pen will hold up to 288 hours of audio and the 4GB can hold up to 576 hours of audio. Plenty of room for all your recordings!
  OLED Display
You can navigate, view, and change settings within the pen from this display. The display tells you when its recording and the filename of the audio file you are playing.
  MP3 Player
Load some of your favorite songs on this pen and kick it into MP3 player mode! You can even see the song name on the OLED display!
  Built-in Speaker
No headphones? No computer? No problem. With the built-in speaker you can listen to your recordings, it sounds similar to the built-in speaker on a cell phone.
  2GB or 4GB USB Flash Drive
No need to carry around a separate USB flash drive to store your important files. Plug the pen directly into a computer and it works as a storage drive.
  Works w/ MAC & PC
No cables or software to deal with. Just plug this pen into any MAC or Windows computer and you can easily download the recorded files into iTunes or a program of your choice.

What's in the box?

- 1 Ultimate Lecture Pen PCM007 (2GB=SILVER | 4GB=GOLD)
- 1 Earphone Terminal
- 1 Stereo Earbuds
- 1 User Manual
- 3 Ink Cartridges

Detailed Specs

Internal 2GB or 4GB
Record Time - PCM:
6 or 12hrs
Record Time - XHQ:
36 or 72hrs
Record Time - HQ:
144 or 288hrs
Record Time - LP:
288 or 576hrs
Voice Activation Mode:
Record Format:
Charge Time:
3 hours
Charge/PC Connect:
Direct USB
Battery Life - Record:
Battery Life - Play:
Headphone Jack:
Microphone Jack:
Start/Stop Record:
Noise filter (low cut):
Microphone Sensitivity Adjust:
Built-in Speaker:
Mac Compatible:
Windows Compatible:
34.5 grams
14.22mm(D) x 142.75mm(L)
1 Year

Warranty Info

This product comes with a 1 year warranty which products you against any manufacturer related defects. We stand behind and provide support for the products we sell. Please refer to our warranty page for full warranty information.

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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2014

    Received on time very happy with product can't wait use it

  2. Great little gadget 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2014

    Easy to use though the top of the pen toggle control is a bit tricky, but I reckon it is more to do with me still learning how to use it.

    The recording technology is great, sound quality is good and I would buy the pen again.

  3. Works great. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2012

    Use to remember comments in meetings and it picks up all the voices. Even those at the end of the table.

  4. Great customer service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Nov 2012

    I had the pleasure of dealing with Dan, and though I didn't end up keeping the product, wanted to give an A+ for customer service.
    The videos showing off the product are great which is different than other websites and show that Dan cares about customer satisfaction. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact Dan and he will do his best to help you out.

  5. Great Pen - Fantastic Customer Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Oct 2012

    The Ultimate Lecture Pen is great! I have used this pen many times to record lectures in small group settings and large auditoriums. It performs perfectly. The recordings are crisp and clear and I love that fact that they are already in mp3 format. However, even more spectacular than the pen is the wonderful customer service provided by Dan. This truly was the best experience I ever had purchasing any product, not just on the internet, but anywhere. Dan answered all of my questions with complete thoroughness before I bought the pen. My pen was shipped out on the day I ordered it and it arrived quickly. Dan promptly answered the questions I had after I received the pen. The customer care I experienced and the responsiveness of this company is the best I have seen. You should be giving other companies lessons on how to treat their customers. I highly recommend your site to everyone with the complete confidence that they will become satisfied customers.

  6. PCM-007 VOICE PEN RECORDER 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Feb 2012


    This is the amazing PCM -007 voice pen recorder. The pen that seem to do anything and does it very well without too much fuss.

    I had the pleasure of using The PCM-007 for about two weeks and I have to say I really enjoy having this pen in my company. Ideally when having to make notes or remember important events throughout the day.

    The most exciting aspects of the PCM-007 is the sound quality and the many features this pen holds, and many features are very impressive. There`s a very nice USB cover which act as a cover for the USB area of the pen which also turn into a earphone/microphone jack when listening to private recording. A very nice and clever design.

    When listening to recording I actually prefer the iphone earphones or my favourite Sennheiser HD 25-1 headphones which sounds amazing good, but this is only my personal choice. The earphone which comes with the PCM-007 were suitable and sounded excellent, but if one desires, could choose any style of earphone as the jack accepts a 3.5 pin.

    On the other side of the pen is two tiny slots where the is speaker is located for easy listening if you don`t want to use the earphone. The sound is reasonable, but if you listening to music one would be better listening through a decent pair of earphones, headphones or even through your Hi- Fi equipment where you would experience excellent sound quality.

    The most pleasing about the PCM-007 is the tiny joystick selection button, the playback mode selection on the top of the pen. This switch is the heart of the pen functions and one would really have to read the manual book maybe several times to fully understand all the special functions the joystick selection button can do.

    There at the side of the pen is a small window screen to remind you which mode the pen is operating in, surprising the screen is clear and easy to read. I had the impression a lot of thought had clearly gone into this wonderful device and I discover more features to my excitement.

    Believe it not there is also a file folder selection, a useful volume control which is adjustable from the range of 1 to 20 but please use with care while listening at high volume. There are various sets of speed control when using playback mode, an interesting EQ mode for music selection (I haven`t tried it so I can`t really comment, but it looks pretty good).

    The tiny screen also displays very attractive neon blue light can be adjusted to come on or off up to sixty seconds, very useful if you happen to be in a very dark place. (Smiles).

    Oh, if you wondering if there`s any lights showing when operating they are none, this pen is very clever and very discreet and a joy to own. It`s a shame it don`t have a camera, now that would make this device even more amazing.

    The PCM-007 is a worthy investment one I feel would bring lot of joy and excitement and above all a device that would capture ever moment at the touch of a smart button.

    Please don`t miss this opportunity to own this highly acclaim most truly amazing pen.

    Clayton Maynard

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