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Quality Pen Voice Recorders - Top Sellers

We specialize in providing high quality Pen Voice Recorders. Below you will find a summary of our top selling voice recorder pens. Go ahead and click on them to view more detailed information on the product page.

If you want a closer side by side comparison of our pen recorders click here, and select the pens you want to compare.

Please contact us if you have questions, we are here to help!


No buttons or lights
Professional looking pen + spy voice recorder

Phone & Cell Phone Recording
Record phone calls with one of our optional phone attachments.
No buttons or lights.
Professional looking pen + spy voice recorder
Plug and Play
Transfer audio from the pen easily, no cables or software needed!
MP3 Player
Plug headphone or speakers in and listen to any MP3 file you like.
Slimmest Audio Pen Ever
Extra slim and small design. Slimmest pen on the market.
Windows & MAC
Works with any computer.
Built-in Speaker
Easily listen to playback without earphones or a computer.
Windows Only
Transfer files to a PC using voice manager software. Not MAC.
MP3 format + itunes
Records in MP3 format, playback in itunes, windows player, or ipod.
Broadcast Recording + MP3
Pure uncompressed PCM quality recording + MP3 recording.
Voice Activation
Automatically starts recording when audio is detected!
2GB USB Drive
Turns into a storage device! Transfer any file to & from the pen.
LED Display
Easily navigate menus and view scrolling file names.

Headphone/speaker Jack
Listen to playback without a computer.

142 Hour Record Time
No need to worry about running out of record time!
MAC/PC + USB Drive
Works with any computer.

12 Hour Battery - AMAZING!
Our longest battery life at 12 hours.

Slide Pen Clip to Start/Stop
Easy one-touch operation. Slide clip to start/stop recording.
Head/Mic Jack
Plug speakers or headphone in. Plug in an external microphone!
Slide Pen Clip to Start/Stop
Easy one-touch operation. Slide clip to start/stop recording.